Sunday, May 24, 2009

Update + Video

What's happening bloggers!

First and foremost, i apologise for my recent absence. Unfortunately i have really been riding my download/upload cap lately and it has limited my uploading. Excuses aside, i guess it's a testament to my ridiculous laziness. Anyway, my cap should role over soon and i'll get back to updating on a more regular basis. The last couple of months i have really been digging that Sleepy Sun album. Due to various label switches and re-releases, i'm not sure if it counts as an 08 or 09 release... either way, it is easily one of my top 2 or 3 albums of the last 2 years! Some other stuff i have really been playing the hell out of is Nebula, made up of ex-Fu Manchu members. Their 1999 debut album is incredible!

Check out this rockin' Sleepy Sun video, playing what seems to be a new track live. I can only hope this one is on the next record, cause it sounds amazing!