Monday, June 29, 2009

Sumner Mckane - Two If By Sea [2006]

.. And I'm back again. Decided i would share one of my favourite hidden gems with you folks today. Sumner McKane, the incredibly talented guitarist/composer from Maine has very quietly put together an outstanding body of work over the years, which sadly will probably never receive the attention it truly deserves. His way of playing draws influence from various kinds of Country & Jazz, but he really has his own unique thing going on that i absolutely love!

It's kind of odd to say, but if i had to use a non-musical term to describe Mckane's music it would simply be "home". From the very first moment you hear his amazing chord progressions and layered guitar melodies you immediately feel that "homing" sense of nostalgia throughout. Does that even make sense or am i talking complete shit? Either way, it's incredibly powerful, and very relaxing. Each sound has been very carefully put together by McKane himself, hell he plays every instrument present except the bass.

The production is another one of the selling points here. The effect and reverb pedals are used sparingly, but always tastefully throughout the entire record and add to the wonderful ambience. Over-lapping the fine finger-picking guitar work is the various sounds of bells, waves gently crashing on the rocks and all kinds of things McKane himself likes to describe as "Ambient Americana".

It may take a few listens to sink in but once that lovely nostalgic pull has you, it will draw you in every time!