Monday, September 28, 2009

Strange Waves [A Psychedelicompilation] [SludgeSwamp Exclusive]

Sorry for the lack of posts (again) folks.. but i've returned with something special for you! You all should be familiar with the mighty SludgeSwamp blog? Over the years i have discovered a hell of a lot of good tunes over that way. The regular fan base is pretty incredible, and the staff are always free for a chat. It's a really rewarding blog to frequent, that's fo' sho. Anyway, i couldn't help but notice they are now taking Reader Compilations for the Fall, and thought to myself what better way to begin giving back to their community than mixing my very own.

Here I've compiled a great mix of psych, post-rock, prog and doom, and mixed them in a unique way, editing track segueing and playing around with layers etc. I think you guys will really dig the diversity and how it all flows along nicely. This is basically my soundtrack while browsing the NASA picture of the day archive: ( It's a really sweet place to kill some time and read up on all the incredible cosmic fuckery, while listening to the appropriate tunes of course. In turn, my cover designs were influenced by these images, hope you folks dig. Keep watching the skies! ;)



aroma said...

Thank You ! With good friends.. Him (her) are nice Neighborhood..

plug said...

Hey Marcus!

I don't know if you accept requests from band members themselves, but judging from your tastes, you might appreciate my band Fen, a Freudian-esque phantasmagoric acid crash into the subconscious.

We're from Vancouver, Canada, independent, and have a small but growing fanbase reaching as far as Lithuania and Brazil.

You can listen at

If you are inspired by the music, let me know and I'll send you a link to download our latest album, Congenital Fixation. It would be awesome to get a review or some kind of introduction to your readers.

Hope to hear from your soon!
ingrowth [at]

Anonymous said...

This is really good-- nice variation and flow-- an extremely pleasurable listen : ) This actually my first time hearing this genre and all the bands are new to me-- I love it!

This is why blogs exist- for cool things like this...

T H A N K S ! ! !

Unknown said...


Right now,

8 years later.

Still listening to this awesome compilation.

Marcus said...

Cheers mate,

8 years later,

Still occasionally lurking for inspiration for a mammoth favourite albums of all-time post. One of these years though haha..

Hope everyone who finds this msg never ceases to broaden their horizons musically!

R.I.P. :(

Still alive and kicking over here:


majutoto said...

sengangat terus ngeblognya mazz..

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