Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Dead Meadow

Check out one of the smokin' new songs from the band's latest effort, 'Three Kings' - dropping March 23. Epic Billy Ward-like drum fills, I fucking love it!

As great as the early Dead Meadow records are.. Personally I much prefer the tighter and more concise sound they introduced on the most recent 'Old Growth', and to a lesser extent, some of the sounds they were experimenting with on 2005's 'Feathers. If this new track is any indication, we're in for an even groovier Dead Meadow than ever before!

About the interesting 'Three Kings' Project:

"Feature-length Live movie with short vignettes (ala Led Zeppelin's Song Remains the Same) combined with the soundtrack of the movie in dual pack (both CD/DVD and LP/DVD). The performance captures the band at the height of the indie non-stop touring machine and gives fans the first official live album, almost a greatest hits worth of catalog. Also included is an ep's worth of new never-before heard material that gives a glimpse of a music career to come."

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