Thursday, July 23, 2009

Citay - Citay [2006]

Citay's debut album has been spinning madly through my regular rotation lately. While it may be the middle of Winter over here in Australia, Citay unleash the feeling of the finest summer you could ever dream of. This was but another one of the fine San Fran' groups i discovered on the same bill as bands like Sleepy Sun, Assemble Head, etc. Don't get it twisted though, Citay's debut is a whole different animal to those mentioned. Gone is all the Fuzz, gone is all the heavy. Think the epic acoustic side of Zeppelin, maybe something from Zep III.

The sound is rounded out by the Byrds/Beach Boys-like vocal harmony, adding a blissed-out flavor to the blend, and the result is something entirely refreshing. Throw in some lovely flute-work, lush guitar leads and a pair of out of whack bongos - you're in for some pleasant summer listening, regardless of the actual season. Enjoy!


Peter said...

Thanks for recognizing Citay's debut. This album is good, but their live show is genuine enchantment.

Anonymous said...

Very enjoyable.The influences are very subtle, except perhaps the Jimmy Page style 12 string acoustic. Thanks for this and your blog.

James Joyce said...

I love this album, thanks for posting it electronically. I purchased both albums on a trip to San Diego recently and loved listening to them, but need to also listen in the car, at the office, etc. Thanks!