Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recently Purchased

A few of the goodies i picked up recently via cdwow australia & amazon.

Mad Season - Above
Black Mountain - In The Future
Organized Konfusion - Stress: The Extinction Agenda
Camel - The Snow Goose
Eloy - Dawn
Wishbone Ash - Argus
Negative Zone - s/t
Captain Beyond - s/t
Behind The Sun - s/t
Sholi - s/t
Dead Meadow - Old Growth
Graveyard - s/t
Ancestors - Neptune With Fire
Witch - s/t
Earthless - Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky

I'm pretty happy with this, all up about $230AU incl postage. Considering i can't find majority of this in my local stores, as well as the fact that if i could they'd be charging $30 each... i'd say this was a big time bargain. Behind The Sun was a complete impulse buy, after band member Aaron linked me to their myspace page. Really impressed with them. A little AIC, a little PJ and some of the lighter side of Opeth thrown in for good measure. Needless to say, the rest is all good stuff.

Updates soon.



Aaron said...


Thanks for listening to our cd - glad you enjoyed it!

for a limited time your readers can download the first track on the album for free


Best regards,

Aaron Lieber

Simon Magnus said...

great taste

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Marcus! Nice blog.

Aaron said...

p.s. you can stream our album for free at behindthesun.bandcamp.com

happy listening!

Anonymous said...


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E-mile said...

Marcus, nice buys indeed! I have halve of those albums at home, so you might say we have that in common [:-) Ofcourse Argus is the one closest to me, bought the vinyl some odd 25 years ago...time flies when you're having fun!
I actually found your place through your remark in the comments over at Cheeba's place, was curious and payed my first visit here...nice place, will surely discover some new bands and or albums to explore. If it's OK with you I'd like to link you up over at my blog, please let me know!
peace, E-mile