Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terje Rypdal - Whenever I Seem To Be Far Away [1974]

Terje Rypdal is a marvelous, fluid guitar player, who manages to sound natural in every setting in which he appears. On this one we get a few radically different styles throughout. First up it's heavy and fuzzed, technically weaving in and out very sparingly and tastfully. Towards the end of the album though is some full-flight Gilmour-like playing, complete with the backing of the Sudfunk Symphony Orchestra.

Pete Knutsen (Electric keyboards and Mellotron) is amazing on this record, reminding me of Ian McDonald.. as if he had come straight out of 'In The Court'. Odd Ulleberg on the French horn also blows a whole lot of awesome! I'm not really familiar with these backing guys but i'm interested in seeking out some of their other works after hearing this.

It's an interesting mix of free jazz and the jazz fusion flavour of the time. The use of Mellotron gives it a unique European symphonic-proggy kinda sound, progressive jazz? I don't know.. tags are stupid but this is great, check it out.


Aaron said...

if you have "Chaser" and "Vossabryg"(sp?)... another two fantastic albums from Rypdal...

Marcus said...

I've not yet fully ventured into his 80's material, although i have heard Vossabrygg. Wasn't sure about the electronics through it but all in all it was pretty impressive!

I'm really liking "Odyssey", "What Comes After" lately, as well as the killer record he cut with Vitous & Dejohnette!

So many gems on the ECM label!