Monday, August 10, 2009

Assemble Head in Sleepy Sun! cont.

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A week or so ago i mentioned the September tour Sleepy Sun & Assemble Head are about to set off on. Figured what better way to fire some of you up who might be deciding to go, than with these sweet live recordings from each band. I can't see either of them stepping foot over here in my native Australia any time soon, so sadly i gotta make do with this for now.

The Assemble Head here is an unofficial recording of their set at Roadburn last year. The quality sounds great, as they work through material spreading from all 3 albums. I quickly dodged up this horrible cover, using a photograph taken from the performance and a shitty res image of their band logo (feel free to dispose of it at your own will). These guys rock!

The Sleepy Sun iTunes Exclusive recording is most excellent. It has only been available from the iTunes store so i got myself a copy. They work through some 'Embrace' material, extended and even adding a new song ('Mating Season') to the end of 'New Age'. If you need a reason to get this, it's their amazing cover of Fleetwood's 'The Chain'. The harmonica used towards the end of 'White Dove' here sounds so much more powerful than on record, really really cool!

Enjoy. Go see them if you can!


mr.A said...

Awesome Marcus thank you very much!

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