Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jean-Luc Ponty - Cosmic Messenger [1979]

As music evolved throughout the 1970s alot of people took on the attitude of the Scientist; experimenting, testing, grafting, surgically recombining to create unique hybrids. Too often these creations were nothing more than ghastly Frankensteins - massive, lumbering assemblages, and all together not quite human. On Cosmic Messenger Jazz, Funk, Rock, and Classical are all expertly and elegantly fused in an amazingly fluid unity. It is a virtouso performance of what's best about music. Rhythm and percussion so tightly bound, laying down thunderous grooves over, around and through which Jean-Luc rockets, gallops, marches, bops, drifts, glides, and floats.

While JLP is clearly in another world when it comes to violinists, the bassist and guitarist heard here are no slouches themselves, and sometimes seemingly steal the show. Amazing album, a must have for your Jazz Fusion collection.



Anonymous said...

thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

<Much thanks from my tired vinyl record of this excellent album who deserve to retire now :)
Thx !