Monday, March 9, 2009

Wobbler - Afterglow [2009]

Here's a special treat for all you classic prog fans. Wobbler formed at the end of the 20th Century in the land of Norway, made up of members from White Willow & Jagga Jazzist to name a few. "Afterglow" is the self released and self-financed sophomore album from the band. It includes their two (legendary) demos re-recorded, a track that they were working on at the time of their debut "Hinterland" but never completed and two other older, unrecorded tracks as well.

Although the album only clocks in at 35 minutes, you can expect a few long and complex tracks featuring lush, vintage keyboard sounds, extensive use of the mellotron, mini-moog, hammond C-3 and harpsichord, beautiful electric and acoustic guitar playing, complex rhythm sections, flutes, recorders, saxophones, mandolins and various other instruments providing a very tasty symphonic sound.

"Hinterland" was one of my favourites of 2005 and this is an excellent follow up effort. Think Genesis, think Gentle Giant, think Yes, think PFM, think Gryphon. Along with newer symphonic prog bands like Anglagard and Anekdoten as well as some Scandinavian folk and classical influences thrown into the mix, and there you have the awesome Norwegian five piece, known as Wobbler.

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Jacob said...

I'm glad you like the album. Please take into consideration that this is self-released on Lars Fredrik Frøislie's own Termo Records - it's a 100% self-financed release, and if you want Wobbler to keep making albums, maybe you could remove this link or at the very least make it very clear that it's self-released and self-financed?

Jacob (co-owner Termo Records)

Anonymous said...

I think that after Jacob's polite comment the blogger should remove the link to the record.


Marcus said...

Hi Jacob, thanks for stopping by. I am more than happy to remove the link. I have posted up a few ways of purchasing the album, including a link to your Record label.

Sorry for any inconvenience, keep up the good work!

Marcus | sometime-world

Progress said...

Espetacular post
Muito agradecido.

Jacob said...

Thanks Marcus - we really appreciate that. I tend to be liberal about uploads, but for an album that hasn't even had its official release yet we get a little uptight - for good reasons :-)

Enjoy the album!

Jacob/Termo Records

Kim said...

This seems like an album I would really like - I just wish there was a site somewhere where I could listen to just a sample before I purchased it!

Anonymous said...

there are samples at