Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Possessed - Exploration [1971]

This fantastic record was actually one of the first true early 70s hard rock/early metal albums i obsessively enjoyed. There are quite a few doomy riff based tracks here that any early Sabbath fan will instantly appreciate. The vocals, to some can be kind of a let down as they are a little over the top, but i like what they add to the record. Unfortunetly enough, tragedy struck in '76 when the band's tour bus slammed into a stationary tanker, killing 3 members.

Pretty sad, these guys really deserved a bigger label...what could have been.

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Anonymous said...

welcome back. i'm looking forward to trying this, even with the "suspect" vocals.



ufo said...

XLNT blog....good to see you return!
Posessed! Yes!

Roger Camden said...

Look at that cover!

I'm in.

pablo said...

masterpiece. what a beatiful record and what a sad story. too bad they hadn't the chance to delight us with some more music.
thanks for uploading.