Saturday, January 3, 2009

Brightblack Morning Light - Motion To Rejoin [2008]

Naybob Shineywater and partner Rachael Hughes of New Mexico churn out a lovely brand of mellow psychedelic rock under the name Brightblack Morning Light. This is their second release and suprisingly enough went right under the radar in 08. Backlit by those awesome sounding muted 70s keyboard noodles, wafty woodwinds and layers of hazy vocals, Motion To Rejoin burns slow from start to finish.

Naybob and Rachael (who has taken on the nickname Raybob) recorded this entire piece in their own solar powered place, meaning the duo could only record when the sun was out. What they have created is nothing short of an amazing and relaxing atmosphere filled with flutters of lazy saxaphone exhalants and lightly swung beats all beautifully layered over the incredibly spiritual and new-agey lyrics.

Give in to this gem, and you'll never know where the time went.


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