Monday, January 12, 2009

King Crimson - Live at Summit Studios [1972]

You can always rely on King Crimson to challenge your expectations, even in a 30-year old archive recording from arguably the least popular lineup of the band. If you only know this Crimson from their 1971 album "Islands", prepare to have your eyes and ears belatedly opened, and better late than never.

At this point in the band’s history the signature KC spirit of “energy, intensity, and eclecticism” (quoting Mr. Fripp himself) had been all but reduced to just the eclecticism. But this live-in-the-station radio broadcast, recorded in Colorado during their final U.S. tour, offers a candid and surprisingly playful portrait of a group supposedly in disarray, and as a welcome bonus it sounds a heck of a lot better than the sub-bootleg concert tapes on the posthumous "Earthbound" album.

Arguably the finest quality on any of the existing King Crimson Collector's Club releases, with an exceptional amount of delicious improv.

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