Thursday, February 12, 2009

ChrisGoesRock Has Returned!

Phew! You can breathe easily now CGR fans, Chris is back and has jumped from the blogger service that seemingly shut him down. His blog has been one of my favourites for a while now, and it was interesting to witness the immediate wide-spread panic through our music blogosphere after the word got out.

I imagine it will be a slow process to get back on top, but we all know Chris has the backing to make it happen in no time. Some advantages to come out of all this is some of the handy new features, including a user message board, a guestbook and an easy to use calendar.

Best of luck on getting it all up and running again Chris, keep up the awesome work!


aubo said...

Great !!
Thanks you for sharing Chris's new blog !

Anonymous said...

chris rides again!


Anonymous said...

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Marcus said...

Chris has decided to close his forum, and reassured us there will be no more blog or forum anywhere in the future. This is sad sad news. It would of been nice if he could of atleast archived his links somewhere for us but oh well.

As Chris said himself, all things come to an end.


ferdw said...

I guess I can understand how tiring it is to have to fight to stay alive. I have seen so many blogs that have succumbed to the harassment, but it seemed as though Chris would always be there. I am greatly saddened to see him disappear. His was one of the best for learning about the bands and their music.

Anonymous said...

hes back, at

for a while, anyway

why he stays on blogspot? they will surely do the same

Anonymous said...

gone again...good riddance fucker!!!!

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