Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Zombi - Spirit Animal [2009]

So here we go, the first 09 post from what i personally expect to be a fantastic year in music. For years now this Pittsburgh instrumental twosome (collectively known as Zombi) has put out a mesmerizing brand of synth-happy, goblin-esque prog. 'Spirit Animal' for the most part is the same, this time delivering warmer textures and ever more cosmic soundscapes. It all makes up for some delicious retro 70s stuff. With an outpouring of genuine emotion and melody, 'Spirit Animal' gives instrumental music the punch in the gut it needed by blending a genuine sense of warmth and emotion with the darkness the band is heralded for.

The drumming is also great here, as is the elephant on the cover, seemingly bounding through the cosmos. Check this out if you dig Jean Michel Jarre, Novalis or Goblin, or if you're just interested in exploring some great new instrumental stuff.

Link: http://sharebee.com/bd7e5dcf


lessMTVmoreTMV said...

Def enjoy Goblin -- going to check this out good sir.

Goredo said...

Hey, great blog you have here...just one thing, the link to this Zombi release appears to be dead...thanks.

Marcus said...

Thanks for the kind words Goredo :]

The link is working fine again. The entire sharebee network went down for a little while but it all seems to be fixed now.


Anonymous said...

thanks Marcus.
love this release.