Thursday, February 19, 2009

Woven Hand - Ten Stones [2008]

2008's 'Ten Stones' was my introduction to Woven Hand, as well as David Eugene Edwards all together. What can i say, it was long overdue cause these guys really do kick ass. For those who aren't familiar with him/them, you will find here ten untamed and mercy-drenched songs. From jarring folk to eerie bossa nova to fiery foot-stompers, the album forms a song-cycle that's singular in its breadth and eclecticism. The music of Wovenhand is utterly unique, dizzying those who encounter it, with turnings and lashings of shadow and light.

As for locking Woven Hand down to one single genre, it just can't be done. These guys have a very unique spin on all things folk, rock, experimental, dare i say Medieval Alt. Country haha. One of my favourites of the year that was. Looking forward to further exploring Edwards' previous work with 16 Horsepower.



lessMTVmoreTMV said...

Right on mang. Woven Hand is a good thing to discover.

I could upload a few 16 Horsepower albums too, yessir. Just lemme know.

Anonymous said...

this is one my favorite bands; this album and their previous release are just phenomenal.